12 ago 2008

Michael Phelps` dad

Fred Phelps, Michael Phelp's father was an all-around athlete and Michael, following in his father's footsteps, started swimming at a very young age.

We always see Debbie Phelp supporting his son but we don´t know a lot about his father. Fred Phelps grew up in Luke, which had 80 residents in the 2000 census. Fred's fahter was a chemical engineer at the paper mill now operated by MeadWestvaco.

At Fairmont State College in West Virginia, Fred studied physical education and set school records for interceptions in a season and, after he was steered to track and field by a football assistant, the triple jump.

In the 1968 Bruce High yearbook, listing the place where he would most likely be found, Fred listed the street where Debbie lived. A year behind Fred, she followed him to Fairmont State. They married in May 1973.

Although Michael was raised by his mom, after his parents divorce: Thank you Fred! Michael got the messagge.

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