15 jul 2008

Doping-tainted sprinter Katerina Thanou makes Olympic team

Doping-tainted sprinter Katerina Thanou has been included in Greece's provisional team list for the Beijing Olympics. But the list is provisional and does not guarantee the female-athlete participation at the Olympics.

Thanou and her compatriot Kostas Kenteris both missed drugs tests on the eve of the Athens Olympics in 2004. It was the third time they had missed tests, resulting in a two-year suspension. Both of them still face criminal charges of perjury and falsifying evidence in Greece after claiming they had been injured in a motorcycle crash on the eve of the Games.

Thanou won silver behind Marion Jones at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is fighting to be awarded the gold, following Jones' disclosure last year that she had been taking the banned steroid THG at the time... Funny, isn´t it?

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